To the editor:

Is there some way to update COVID-19 information on your paper’s website in between articles for print publication? Reading the state department of health information this Sunday, new daily reported cases in Athens reached the same number as the Ohio University Marching Band: 110 with an additional two deaths.

Many people hold their own personal alternative beliefs as capitalism decided “the ‘Rona is over” and everything has “returned to normal.” We all deserve to know the basic truths of these numbers with immediacy presented conveniently as the virus spreads quicker than facts. With schools re-opened, along with jubilantly packed stadiums, uptown bars, and off campus gatherings — our community’s public health relies on recognizing the unpleasant factual reality that we are going through an outbreak of the ongoing and resurgent pandemic with numbers of the infected in Athens worse than 2020.

All too many have refused or abandoned addressing our predicament in collective ways which some find an impingement on freedoms to disassociate themselves from factually taking away the life and liberty of others through their own actions. With ascendant individual freedoms of some at times usurping respect and rights of society at large, assessing personal risk level on a daily basis requires regularly updated unvarnished widely disseminated and agreed upon facts — particularly those unaggregated by algorithms designed to maximize media advertising profits or bolster political perspectives.

John Sullivan

Athens, Ohio

We could update our stories mid-week, but we’re usually busy working on stories for the next issue. You can get information from the same places we do:

The Centers for Disease Control shows seven-day metrics by county at

The Athens Athens City-County Health Department has embedded the ODH dashboard for Athens County in its website at

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