To the editor:

When historians record the decline of American democracy, surely a watershed event will be when a president, clearly defeated for reelection, refused to concede and incited his followers to violently attempt to overthrow the election’s result. Despite no significant fraud affecting that election’s outcome, members of that same party would claim otherwise and proceeded to enact countless measures purportedly to ensure “election integrity,” but clearly designed specifically to suppress turnout of the opposition party in subsequent elections.

To further enhance their power, Ohio legislative members of that same failed president’s party would shamelessly draw redistricting maps which literally go out of their way to grossly favor their own party. All along they will claim what they’re doing is “fair.” Of course, it’s the antithesis of fair, but they simply don’t care. This party lost the presidential popular vote in seven of the last eight elections. To gain and retain power, they must be ruthless when it comes to betraying democratic principles. And they are.

Michael Barr

Athens, Ohio

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