To the editor:

Once upon a time in a world called Politica there was a unique city called Dcee. It was unique because it was inhabited only by elephants and donkeys. Remarkedly, the two very different species lived in relative harmony. Yes, they haggled and wrangled from time to time, but they always found ways to resolve their differences—that is until the time of The Great Conundrum.

But what, dear readers, was that Great Conundrum? It was a time when terrible changes began happening—changes that threatened the very existence of the peaceful city. Turns out, the elephants had been attending private tea parties…drinking tea tainted with poisonous additives that altered their dispositions—turning them into bellicose, bullying beasts who barely resembled the noble creatures they once were.

Their ancient leader, Mitch, however welcomed and celebrated what was happening. “No matter how inappropriate our behavior,” he boasted to the other elephants, “all that matters is that we stay in office!” The other elephants agreed.

But out of that pathetic parade of pachyderms there emerged a beast much more boastful and bullying than the others. Using falsehoods, advancing impossible theories, and boasting ridiculous promises, the newcomer became the crux of the conundrum—the elephant in the room, so to speak. He fought the others to become king on the mountain, and once there he trumpeted his traitorous ambitions to the other elephants—while at the same time warning them what their fate would be if they betrayed him.

Away from the obstinate newcomer the other elephants met privately.

“Oh, my goodness!” one said, “We have created a monster! How could this have happened?”

“Not to worry,” feeble-minded Mitch answered. “I am skilled at handling such problems. Just do what the fool asks and he will soon self-destruct.”

Sad to say, dear readers, the elephant that was the crux of the problem did not self-destruct. Now, pandemonium prevails in the once peaceful city. Laws are being disregarded, truths are now called lies, friends have become foes.  Huge changes are needed but chaos is the order of the day.

Luman Slade

The Plains

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