Enough of the gaudy painted murals in Athens.”

"The problem with the graffiti so-called artist is that they have no respect for other people's property. They are so desperate for attention and feel the need to get their name or their tag out in front of other people that they do it at the expense of other people's properties and interest, clearly. Their parents have been deficient in teaching them to respect others and they don't see how this is degrading and running down their neighborhood, causing the various problems that they are protesting so loudly against."

"I want people to contact the United States Congress and say to your Congress person and say, 'I urge you, Congressperson [fill in the blank] to vote no on the bill that will require banks an other financial institutions to report transactions of 600.00$ to the IRS.' This is borderline on Big Brother."

"People! Don't get vaccinated, wear a mask or social distance. Be selfish. But WHEN you get sick, quit going to the ER and screaming at the staff."

"I see Rumpke waste says they're a family owned company. Well, so is Walmart! 'Family owned' has become a euphemism for 'very-rich-family-who-cares-nothing-about-the-little-guy owned.' Trash rates will be going up. George Carlin said about euphemisms that “Smug, greedy, well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal their sins. It’s as simple as that.'”

"Stunning number$. Great reporting. Thank you."

"In Ohio, about ¾ of the Senate and House members are Republicans despite almost ½ of registered voters being Democrats. That’s because of gerrymandering. The way Republicans stay in power is by rigging the system and by making it difficult for some people to vote. They oppose democracy because they fear the will of the people. The courts can stop this."

"On Saturday, October 9th, I was uptown with friends watching the OU Homecoming Parade, which was absolutely awesome. We decided to get something to eat after the parade. The restaurant we were inside of had quite a long line. I noticed right away that people were waiting in line without masks. They were talking and breathing on others with no social distancing in place. The owners of the restaurant made no effort to straighten this out. It was shocking, to say the least. It wouldn’t surprise me to see COVID numbers increasing in Athens in the coming weeks."

"Why is there no right-turn-on-red at the Menards traffic light? It is a standard intersection with no complexity or visibility issues and not nearly as congested as intersections further west on State Street, which most allow right-turn-on-red."

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