“Ohio University recently reported: “So far, only 32 percent of the anticipated fall population of 19,186 students on the Athens campus has reported being fully vaccinated [and] most students have not yet completed the Testing Pathway survey.” What’s OU gonna do about it? Bully and harass the other 68%? This is gonna be interesting. Woke vs Pragmatism. I’m getting a large bag of popcorn.”

“Is Ohio University President Hugh Sherman going to let Dr. Gillian Ice (Special Assistant for Public Health Operations) dictate his policy decisions and infringe on his stated goal of increasing enrollment? I’m rooting for Sherman and want OU to succeed. Ice has outlived whatever usefulness she was originally meant to have.”

“Surely the retirement of Frank Solich is a timely opportunity for ‘right sizing’ Ohio University athletics. So many deep and damaging cuts have been made across campus; sports should bare equal if not greater burdens. If a new coach is hired at even half of Solich’s exorbitant salary, one will be left with the unmistakable feeling that the University administration just doesn’t have its priorities right. OU does not earn its place in the academic world based on its sports teams. Intercollegiate athletics and associated expenses could be eliminated completely and few besides the athletes would be upset.”

“Thanks for everything, Frank. You really have done a great job. You may be a sports-hater, feel that he is overpaid, think that money could be better spent by OU, whatever. The fact is this man has been an engaged part of our community for a long time. He made Athens his home. He took a voluntary pay cut when things looked rough for OU. Bitch all you want about how the budget is allocated. That does not change the fact that he brought our program respect and that he will always be a true Athenian.”

“Ohio University states: ‘All students, faculty, and staff are required to select a COVID Pathway before the semester begins.’ Or what? In the name of Civil Liberties, personal freedom, and the freedom of speech, I think it would be good if everyone (vaccinated or not) just refused to sign up at all. Principled civil disobedience. (Remind me again why — for example — vaccinated people have to ‘sign up’ for anything?) What’s next? Why not require women (trans or biological) to declare whether or not they’ve had an abortion? OU is full of control freaks.”

“Thank you Ben for being a great reporter for the city of Athens. You held people like Duane Nellis and Deb Shaffer accountable when it was clear they thought they had a pass. You cared for this community and questioned the leadership who clearly could not care less. Good luck on your next adventure! (Cole don’t leave us too.)”

“A bike path/lane, along 682 from Richland to RT 56, in conjunction with a reduced speed limit on that stretch seems to be an obvious improvement for Athens. The speed limit now is too high at 50 mph in the city and when the rest of the route is 45 mph it makes no sense. It’s also way overdue for lower Union Street to have a proper sidewalk on the river side for easier access to the bike path.”

“In light of everything of everything that is going on with the Bellars, Athens County Sheriff’s Office and Athens County Children Services, where are the Athens County Commissioners? They should share the blame and the breakdown of the institution they oversee? I have not heard or seen anything from them. What’s up with that? Where is there outrage for those children?”

“‘Lots of jobs are available. People are just lazy.’ No. 10s-of-millions lost their jobs because of COVID-19 lockdowns. Those people who could fight through the bureaucratic red tape got unemployment. People have bills to pay and families to take care of. Every day we are hearing more about the Delta Variant which — we are also being told — is much, much worse than the previous COVID-19. We see that masks are again being required of everyone — vaccinated and unvaccinated. How long until there are new lockdowns? People aren’t lazy — they are scared and confused and angry.”

“Recently reported: ‘During fiscal year 2021, Gillian Ice was paid $85,000 for her role as special assistant for public health [COVID] operations and $155,000 for her role as a professor.’ $240,000. And these were two full-time positions? No reduction in her professorial duties at OU? Tangible, empirical, positive, demonstrable, quantifiable COVID results? [I’m predicting hysterical mask mandates will return after the students have been lured back on campus — but not before. If so, enrollment at OU will completely tank in 2022. The new OU President will have bagged $1,000,000 by then.]”

“Why are we taking away already scarce parking uptown for outdoor seating? There are many reasons why this is not a good idea first being loss of parking which, as mentioned, is scarce as is. Who pays for the loss of parking? If nobody then we also have a loss of revenue in the city. It looks tacky as hell. And didn’t your mamma tell you it’s dangerous to sit in the road! I smell lawsuit if anything ever happens. Hope the city and local businesses have there attorneys ready.”

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