A quick glance at the State of the Union

In this file photo from June 2008, Barack Obama, then the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, speaks at a campaign appearance in Nelsonville.

There seems to be some fuss on the electrick Intertoobz today over some speech the President gave last night.

Here follows the view from where we sit atop Mount Moral Hazard.

The GOP reactions to the SOTU have been predictably hysterical, both in the way of being overemotional as well as in eliciting howling derisive laughter from yrs. truly.

From the four-dish lazy Susan of reactionism encompassed in the SOTU GOP responses, Rand Paul's decision to hold up Star Parker, the welfare cheat turned fringe Bible-thumping bigot, as an example for all Americans seemed a bit... odd.

I must say the President's sharing of the story of Sgt. Cory Remsburg and his 10 deployments (10!) shined a little more brightly w/r/t the power of the human spirit and the patriotism Americans might do well to try to emulate.


The President's SOTU itself was as Clintonian as I've ever seen him, walking the tightrope of promising action while still extending that beat-up old olive branch urging Congressional collaboration.

Mr. Obama seemed to me a man determined to flap his wings in the face of lame-duck status.

But his GOP counterparts seemed fairly well determined as well to trot out their tired old sophisms in response. You know the ones: Evil big government, free markets, FREEDOM, Arg!, and very little in the way of tangible policy proposal aside from the usual "stop helping poor people" rhetoric.

As Vidal so scathingly once laid the wood to the American system: Socialism for the rich, free markets for everybody else. But shh! If you mention this, you're a NAZI!

As often as the Grand Old Partiers talk about the evils of government, they sure aren't shy about seeking as much power as possible for themselves within it, and then using said power brashly to push their own agenda (these days most often in our various states, united).

Nor do they ever seem to acknowledge that our American republic is set up as one of self-government, of, by, and for the people: Comprised of individuals born on American soil, raised in American homes, educated in American schools, and employed by American enterprise. Such cognitive dissonance never fails to stupefy.

The "government" is not separate from us, the government is us. The only part that isn't is the insidious and dangerous oligarchical "deep state" developed unconstitutionally and undemocratically by shadow powers unaccountable to the people.

And the only way to reclaim that part of it is for a well-educated and virtuous populace to exercise their self-governance to do so.

But ANYway, I'm glad the President is willing to take action where Congressional obstructionism otherwise will not allow it. 

Methinks the President would do well by himself not to lean too heavily on the expectation of Congressional collaboration, lest he find that cane once again snapped and himself spilled out on the floor.

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