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To the editor,

Biden is focused on rural America with the American Jobs Plan. It’s the most comprehensive plan to address the economy since FDR’s the New Deal and Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System. With its $2.7 trillion infrastructure package, the Biden administration plans to heavily invest in rural areas, targeting “social infrastructure” as well as roads and bridges, along with creating millions of good jobs. Plus, it proposes a revised tax system that won’t allow major corporations to avoid paying their share of taxes.

The United States is the wealthiest country in the world, yet we rank 13th in overall quality of our infrastructure. After decades of neglect, our roads, bridges, and water systems are deteriorating. We have outdated systems and outdated strategies to handle education and the ability of families to succeed without modern supports – like affordable childcare.

If passed, how would this affect us in Athens County? Every aspect of this plan supports addressing social problems such as climate change, discrimination and income inequality.

Housing — Invest $213 billion to build and repair at least two million affordable and sustainable places to live along with expanding inclusionary zoning laws. Expand affordable rental options.

Education — Expand and improve schools from pre-school through college making them high quality, safe, accessible and environmentally friendly. Businesses would receive incentives to provide on-site childcare.

Caregiver infrastructure – Create better paying jobs to support caregiving for children and adults in need of in-home or community care that allows unionizing.

Research – Invest in research to find innovations, technologies and products to increase numbers of jobs but also improve our climate and environment while ending all types of discrimination.

Manufacturing and small business – Revitalize businesses making them efficient and better able to address current needs and markets while preparing for the future. Finding strategies to develop clean energy and climate change are key here. Included is funding to prevent, prepare for, and address medical crises. Biden emphasizes distributing work sites across the US rather than concentrating them in high- growth centers, which would be a boost for rural areas.

Workforce Development – Pair job creation with training that prepares the upcoming generations to jobs. Ensure that people who lose jobs are trained and prepared for new good paying jobs. Provide a range of supports to help workers through this transition.

Tax Plan – The bill increases corporate taxes and prevents tax cheats that headquarter overseas to evade taxes. No longer would they be able to pay zero taxes as is the case today.

As citizens in a rural area, I urge you to follow the progress of this proposal and support it along the way. Learn more from the following sources. Honestly, this plan is brilliant and makes me proud to be Democrat.

Solveig Spjeldnes

Candidate for First Ward Representative

Athens, Ohio

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