To the Editor:

I have worked for the Athens County Board of Elections at least 30 years. I have been a poll worker, presiding judge, poll set-up, office worker, chad puller, rover and now a stationary rover. I was on the Central Committee also.

Some of you are so critical of family working with other family on the Board of Elections. Maybe you should work a day at a couple of elections to see how it runs. People call in on Election Day to say they can’t make it to work. I’ve seen Penny and Debbie find someone on the spur of the moment. They make it run smoothly.

Yes, working in the office the weeks before Election Day gets a little crazy with all that’s going on. But we all know our jobs and get them done. I’ve worked with Paul for seven years and Monte four years. We are a family in there – not all related but a family working for our right to vote.

Mistakes do happen; we are all human. We have been praised for how well Athens County runs elections and how efficient they are.

And your complaining about them painting? If it got done, the Baord of Elections always did it. Since the BOE office did not get to move to ATCO and were told they were going to have to stay at their current location, the BOE decided to fix up the current office by doing some maintenance such as painting. It’s right before a big election, and now you’re picking on how it was done? Where did all of this criticism come from? Walk in our shoes before you criticize us, please.

Beverly Dixon

Ohio Rt. 141


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