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Your Letters

To the editor,

No one should be forced to choose between protecting their health and participating in our democracy by voting.

That’s the choice many people will face during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

In five states all voting is done by mail. In Ohio, any voter can vote absentee by mail.

There is no more fraud when voting is by mail than when voting is done at the polls. In each, registration to vote and a valid signature is required.

Planning to allow for all eligible voters to vote by mail in the rest of the states must start soon. In May, the House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act which includes $3.6 billion in funding for states to implement mail-in voting, expanded early voting and reforms to allow safety at the poll during the pandemic.

Voting by mail will prevent voters from standing in lines for hours, packing into crowded polling places and protect poll workers, many of whom are old and in other high-risk groups for COVID-19.

We can make November elections safe and accessible if the Senate passes the HEROES Act Stimulus Bill. Contact Senator Rob Portman and other Republican Senators urging them to vote for it.


Albert A. Gabel

Professor Emeritus

Ohio State University

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