To the editor,

Our hearts are broken for the families who have lost loved ones due to racism and abuses of power. Members of the Canaanville United Methodist Church recognize racism as a sin and are therefore united in our belief that Black Lives Matter. We have not done enough to fight racism. We commit to being better Christians.

We will PRAY for God’s Love to take over the hearts and minds of the people in our country.

We will LISTEN to the experiences of our black and brown brothers and sisters to begin the process of understanding their experiences.

We will STUDY the issues of racism, white fragility, prejudice and inequality to help us in our understanding of racial issues that still weaken our country 244 years after its founding.

We will WORK to challenge and speak out against unjust systems of power and systemic racism .

We will ADVOCATE and work for equal and equitable opportunities in employment, education , voting and housing, credit, loans, venture capital, and insurance, to positions of leadership and power in all elements of our life together.

May God be with us all,

Charles Carroll

The Administrative Council of the Canaanville United Methodist Church

Athens, Ohio

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