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Your Letters

To the editor,

In complete transparency there cannot be a human more elated with the Nellis resignation than the undersigned. Many of us concerned about our University who publicly have spoken out are taking a victory lap as we now have the opportunity to reverse the downward trajectory of the past 4 years. But the reason for speaking now is pronounce as loudly as possible that Nellis cannot be replaced in the interim with Dave Scholl or any enabler of this ineffective Board of Trustees as referenced in the Athens News. Nellis unilaterally did not make all the mistakes he did in 4 years. Complicit with him was the Ohio University Board of Trustees.

At any time, anyone of those Members, including the Chairman, Dave Scholl, could have questioned or reversed the Nellis mis-steps. None of them did it for a variety of reasons.

First, the position to some is ceremonial, appointed by the Governor to have some padding on the resume. They like to come to Athens for meetings, receive their stipend and to get treated as someone important.

Second, you rock the boat and you risk the continuation of your appointment.

And third, and perhaps most importantly, these are political appointments of persons who frankly don’t have the expertise to contribute to important matters of higher education. Again, where are the Trustees now with this Nellis announcement, why have not a single person spoke out as to the real reason for the resignation?

The bottom line is that this crew over the past 4 years are just as culpable as Nellis. All of them sat and watched the employee debacles, the declining enrollment, the idiotic and juvenile attack on this newspaper.

I would ask the Trustees who reading this missive, and all of you will, either resign as a Trustee Member yourselves or offer up to all of us who actually care, what were you doing the last 4 years while the University continued down this path of destruction? Why should any of us trust that you will choose the right leader or lead in the interim? Watch out folks, although the Nellis resignation was critical, we are not out of the woods until we have a Board that actually works as a Board. A Board that is comprised of a group of hard working, committed, compassionate persons who will put the University first and not be subservient to an incompetent President.

Bret Adams

Dublin, Ohio

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