To the Editor:

In Fiscal Year 2020, The Trump Administration proposed a detrimental cut to the International Affairs Budget. The International Affairs Budget is an investment that implements agricultural programs to prevent hunger, fights pandemic disease, and provides emergency response after natural disasters. With less than 1 percent of the annual budget going toward foreign aid, this cut would harm not only those abroad but domestically, as well.

More than a dozen former military leaders and bipartisan leaders in Congress have spoken up against this budget proposal. It seems many people throughout our country know the importance of the International Affairs Budget, except for our friend on Capital Hill. If only telling Trump was as easy as reading a poem:

’Twas the night before Xongress, and all through the capital

All the congressmen were working toward a bill so admirable

Trump’s plans to cut foreign aid by millions

Have others worried this isn’t good for civilians

Or a children’s book:

When you provide foreign aid, people are lifted out of poverty

When people are lifted out of poverty, they become consumers

Then the American economy is boosted and jobs are created

When countries are given the opportunity to succeed, they do just that

However, new renditions of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” won’t get the attention of the White House. Instead, we as constituents must make our voices heard. We must call upon our leaders to help us make the change. Understand why the International Affairs Budget is so crucial, and protect it. For our generation and the next.

Emilee Kerr

East State Street


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