To the Editor:

The latest media debates are focusing on Trump’s ongoing political positions that highlight his racist beliefs. But more than that, he has a lifetime history of being a bully-boy and a serial liar. His mindless and corrosive attacks devalue and spread untrue, destructive remarks about his many targets, especially those who he thinks are a threat to himself.

Washington Post newspaper reporters have documented more than 12,000 times that Trump has told falsehoods to the public since he assumed the role as leader of our country.

During a court trial, all witnesses must take the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So only one proven lie can invalidate the witness’s whole testimony.

Does it bother anyone that Trump’s oath to the office of the presidency is being so shamelessly cheapened by him day after day after day after day, ad nauseam?

Cherlynn Johnson

Wyngate Drive

The Plains

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