To the Editor:

The president appoints the Attorney General and director of the FBI, but he should not influence their investigations or other actions. Trump is violating that rule. Recently, in several interviews and on a segment on “60 Minutes,” former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe revealed that Trump has interfered. It occurred after FBI Director James Comey was fired, soon after President Trump was inaugurated.

The top team of FBI officials led by McCabe and Comey then discussed the possibility of Trump being removed from the presidency using the 25th Amendment of the Constitution due to his being unfit to serve.

Several conversations between these leaders showed that Trump is making many decisions on Russia on the advice of Valdemar Putin rather than that of our national security experts. (Russians have much damning evidence against Trump.) These FBI officials even considered having one of them wear a wire (secret recording device) while speaking with Trump to collect evidence. Their general counsel discouraged that.

A majority of the members of the Cabinet will not vote against the president, so the 25th Amendment is not useful in removing him from the presidency.

As the head of counter-terrorism of the FBI, McCabe briefed the Gang of 8 leaders of Congress. That included Republicans Mitch McConnell, Richard M. Burr, Paul D. Ryan and Devin Nunes. The Democrats were Charles E. Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Warner and Adam B. Schiff. McCabe told them about the evidence against President Trump. They accepted his report as factual, but took no action. Rep. Nunes probably immediately informed the President.

McCabe was asked by Trump to lie to protect himself from his problems in his relationship with Russia. McCabe respectfully declined. Therefore, McCabe knew that his days in the FBI might be short.

To prevent the loss of evidence, these FBI leaders gave the evidence, including notes written by McCabe after speaking with Trump, to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Rod Rosenstein, the acting director of the FBI, had appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel. Mueller had previously been a director of the FBI. He is a Republican who was appointed by President George W. Busch. His integrity is beyond reproach.

McCabe served in the FBI honorably for 21 years. Two weeks before his scheduled retirement, Trump lied about him and his wife, calling Andrew a criminal. He then fired McCabe and prevented him from getting his pension. McCabe is fighting back since he and his wife have done nothing wrong. If Trump is ousted, perhaps he can get the pension he has earned. McCabe has written a book about this experience entitled: “The Threat, How the FBI Protected America in the age of Terror and Trump.”

The other method of removing Trump from the presidency is by impeachment. That requires a vote of two thirds of the House of Representatives, 66 votes, and a simple majority in the Senate to convict him. Enough votes by Republicans in both Houses will be available only if they decide that Trump’s actions may lead to the destruction of our planet, or are likely to get them beaten when they stand for reelection.

Trump must be ousted before he destroys the world economy or turns the planet into a nuclear cinder by starting an unnecessary war.

Albert Gagel

Emeritus Professor, Ohio State University

Dublin, Ohio

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