To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of electing Ric Wasserman as our Athens County treasurer. I have been impressed with him from the beginning when he stepped into office following the retirement of Bill Bias. Ric is a go-getter, a good communicator and someone who is willing to step in and get things done.

Since taking office, his highest priority has been to collect delinquent taxes. A large portion of that goes directly to the school districts. He is one county official who understands how important that money is to us, our children and grandchildren.

Businesses such as Dollar General Corporation and others have been forced to pay up and will not be allowed to avoid their responsibility to our communities in the future. This represents real progress.

Ric serves on the Land Bank Board and is leading the process of acquiring properties through the management of foreclosing for tax delinquency. This is not an easy task because many of the properties the Land Bank will acquire do not have owners; they are deceased owners or owners who simply walked away.

Furthermore, his commitment to increased communication helps the villages, townships and school districts understand how circumstances affect their funding streams. I had a conversation with a local council member who was so impressed with Ric’s openness and attention to detail. She said that she felt so much more informed and confident that she understood what was going on and how specific matters would affect her community.

Ric has worked as the full-time treasurer since the day he took over, and due to his experience, there was a smooth transition. I appreciate his knowledge, work ethic and compassion for Athens County. Vote for Ric Wasserman to help us keep moving in the right direction.

Kathy Trace

Red Rock Road


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