To the Editor:

Bishopville Church of Christ is the fiscal agent of the Bishopville Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is operated solely on donated funds, volunteer labor and fundraisers.

Our organization embraces an ecumenical concern for the wellbeing of our fellow man. The best way we strive to accomplish this is through the giving of our time and resources to the Bishopville Food Pantry.

We have approximately 20 volunteers from several area churches that donate their time each month.

Bishopville Food Pantry serves our most vulnerable citizens in our area. We are open five times a month – that being the first, third and fourth Mondays plus the second and fourth Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. However, we do deliver to the homebound and those who are unable to physically come to the pantry. Emergency food boxes have become more prevalent now than ever.

Our budget for food is approximately $500 per month. We are charged $200 per month by the church for electricity. That being said, we must generate $8,400 per year to accomplish our goals of feeding the hungry. This budget does not include $3,000 to purchase turkeys for our annual Christmas food boxes. This is a bare-bones budget. We would like to provide much more in the way of personal items to help the people we serve maintain their dignity.

In 2019, the Bishopville Food Pantry served 1,425 seniors, 2,220 adults and 1,236 children for a total of 4,881 persons. Of this total, approximately 85 percent are Athens County residents.

One significant event that we do every year is the Christmas food boxes. Our volunteers pack 300 food boxes on one day and distribute them on the next day. We purchase enough turkeys for the food boxes. This event takes much planning in regards to having ample food plus enough volunteers to handle the amount of people receiving the food boxes. 

We also do an annual fundraiser at our local Eagles Club the first Saturday in October. This event helps keep us afloat during the year. Each dollar raised or donated purchases 5.2 pounds of food. One thousand dollars would purchase 5,263 pounds of food.

We know we live in the poorest school district in the state of Ohio. However, we’ve never felt anything but optimistic when we have so many people who are working and volunteering for so many needed causes.

Monna Taylor

Bishopville Food Pantry


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