Your Letters

Your Letters

To the editor,

I received my first dose of the vaccine last Thursday (Feb. 4) at the Athens Community Center. Personnel from Shrivers Pharmacy checked me in, administered the shot, and kept an eye on me for 15 minutes for any difficulties before sending me on my way.

The process took less than 30 minutes and the Shrivers staff was friendly and efficient.

I “did” Shrivers because they were the first to “let me in.” I had also signed up with the Health Department and Hopewell, and was (automatically, I think) in line with OhioHealth since my family doctor is associated with them.

I went to the Shrivers website when they opened up for my age group (70). I was able to schedule my appointment there.

(I was also checking online at the Kroger Pharmacy but Shrivers appears to be faster. Shriver’s “opened the door” at 10 a.m. Sunday for appointments for the coming week.)

My wife also received her first shot on Thursday but she had different circumstances and went to Hopewell in Nelsonville. They called with a same-day opening when someone canceled an appointment.

We were both eager to get vaccinated and especially pleased to get the Moderna product, which, if you ask me, is a medical miracle. But they’re all good and we’re hoping everyone gets one and we can return to normalcy.

Fred Kight

The Plains, Ohio

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