To the Editor:

With all that’s happening in Washington right now, a lot of things are getting lost that could have huge consequences. One of those things is the idea of taxing health insurance coverage. Taxing health insurance would be a terrible mistake, raising costs and making quality coverage difficult to afford. Increasing seniors’ Medicare Advantage premiums would be a particularly harmful consequence of allowing the Health Insurance Tax to return.

It is encouraging to see that a bipartisan group of legislators, including U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, have come together to protect Medicare Advantage beneficiaries’ access to health care. Medicare Advantage is a valuable option for older and disabled people who need comprehensive coverage at a reasonable cost. With free preventive care, disease management assistance, and other services built in, Medicare Advantage does an especially good job of helping seniors remain healthy and avoid hospital admissions.

I’m a Medicare Advantage senior myself, and I am happy with my selection of doctors, the prescription drug coverage in my plan, and the many extra benefits and services. I will continue to choose Medicare Advantage, assuming it remains affordable, and I appreciate the bipartisan effort to stop the Health Insurance Tax from increasing my Medicare Advantage costs.

Jeanne Haseley

Oxley Road


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