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Your Letters

To the editor,

I was a 21-year Classified Employee at Ohio University within the College of Communication until my job was most recently abolished. My aim with this letter is to impress upon my former (my heart still says current) fellow Classified Employees and to our community as a whole how vital it is to realize what is happening at Ohio University right now.

For those who are Classified, most, if not all, are local to our prospective campuses; or, at least within an hour’s drive. Our families and friends, our home towns, and, our heritage are in the roots of these southeastern Ohio hills. We are not here on a temporary basis-these jobs are our livelihood! How many administrative positions are filled, or created for, by people that have no connection to this area?...only to make a salary of six figures and leave in a few years after they have created turmoil and no solutions. How many Classified positions have been eliminated to “balance the budget” and then administrative positions created to replace?

My fellow Classified Employees, have you been witness to a new administrative position that you are qualified for, are completely overlooked and the new employee starts out making thousands more than you and you have been on the job for years? I can formulate these questions because I have been witness to these actions. I want representation with a voice when it comes to my LIVELIHOOD! Don’t you? Will the next position I take in be in Athens County? Maybe not! My husband and I make it a priority to buy locally, but, that is slowly changing. These job losses not only impact the household, the business area is impacted as well. Our current status is standing by while decisions are made for us and positions are eliminated at any time.

A union of our Classified Staff at Ohio University is the voice we deserve! Representation means we, as union brothers and sisters, have each other’s backs! I may not be able to benefit from a union of Classified Employees, but, I can make certain my vote counts and will help those that remain on campus.

Ann Green

Athens, Ohio; @sydneydawes_95

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