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Your Letters

To the editor,

“Stop The Steal.” Signs bearing this slogan have appeared all over America. Are they appropriate, let alone correct? Let’s start with the first part of this question.

No they are not.

President-elect Biden in his speech last night rightfully called for an end to the divisiveness in this country. We need to get back to the principle of good sportsmanship. We need to acknowledge defeat and unite behind the winner for the good of the nation. We have many more serious problems to face and attempt to overcome than if we are ‘red’ or ‘blue’.

Now for the second part. It also is a very big NO.

Because of the pandemic, which the seriousness of which is demonstrated by the rapidly increasing case and death counts, most state legislatures increased availability to the option of mail-in voting. Some did not adequately address the issue of how and when those votes would be counted.

Mail-in voting has successfully been used in this country since the 1860s. Because the physical presence of the voter is absent many safeguards have been put in pace to ensure a legal ballot has been submitted. These procedures are much more time consuming. Several states, Ohio was one, allowed these ballots to be processed upon receipt.

Thus, on election night, these were included in the states total count. Several states, Pennsylvania was one, only allowed these votes to be processed and tabulated on or after election day. Thus the excruciatingly slow and confusing vote counting.

There are some legitimate concerns such as blurred postmarks and timely receipt at election offices that should and will be properly pursued through the courts. The relative small number of these ballots should not cast suspicion on the legally cast and returned ballots. The record setting size of the vote this year has added time to the counting process.

If anything was stolen during this election it was the ability of the American people to immediately know the outcome of the election. State Legislators now must reassess their states mail-in voting procedures.

The American people deserve a timely answer as to who has been elected and this can only be achieved through allowing mail-in ballots to be processed upon receipt.

Wally Carpenter

Athens, Ohio

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