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Your Letters

To the editor,

I’m a 68-year-old male living in Meigs County and this is my vaccination experience:

The first thing I did was check online to see what the process to get registered was. I read that I should sign up with my local county health department, which I did. Then later I heard that just signing up doesn’t guarantee a scheduled appointment, so one should try as many avenues as possible.

So starting about a month ago, I signed up with the Athens City-County Health Department (which is legit, according to their website, even though I live in Meigs), Hopewell Health (in both Athens and Meigs), Ohio Health, Shriver’s Pharmacy, Holzer, and Kroger. I got waited-listed at both Athens and Meigs Co. and at Holzer, which is my primary care provider.

OhioHealth told me to call back on Jan. 28, which I did and was then told that they had no available slots for weeks out. Shriver’s told me to call back on Feb. 7 and schedule an appointment.

Kroger’s website had one available slot so I signed up for one on Feb. 7, hoping that they’d accept me one day earlier than I was qualified to register.

They called me back to say sorry and that I’d been bumped off the list. They said to just keep checking back on their website, which I had been doing for weeks, for their four stores in Athens, Nelsonville, Trimble, and Jackson.

Every time I went to their site, there were no available slots, except for that one time in Nelsonville. I got to thinking that I found that appointment slot at three o’clock in the morning so maybe I should check back again around 3 a.m., which I did.

Bingo! I’m scheduled for 10:45 on Feb. 8 at the Athens Kroger and I’m borrowing my daughter’s F-250 diesel snowplow just in case; also I will still call Shriver’s on the 7th, just in case.

I hope you found this helpful.

Chris Hager

Meigs County, Ohio

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