To the Editor:

The Friends of the Shelter Dogs would like to recognize the hard work of the Athens County Sheriff’s Office for their excellent management of the Athens County Dog Shelter. Under the Sheriff’s Office’s leadership, care for dogs has improved dramatically. In particular, we would like to commend the dog shelter staff for the following:

• Allowing after-hours training of shelter volunteers.

• Making a commitment to increasing the amount of time dogs are walked each day.

• Permitting volunteers to walk dogs even on days that the shelter is closed. 

• Ensuring individualized care for each dog that is mindful of physical and emotional needs.

• Attending FOSD fundraising and adoption events, sometimes even during personal time.

• Prioritizing successful adoption of each dog.

We are so appreciative of the care that Athens County dogs are receiving under Sheriff Smith, Ryan, Bud, Heather, David and Kelsey. Thank you!

Friends of the Shelter Dogs


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