To the Editor:

Comparing the platforms of candidates for governor, we appreciate that Dennis Kucinich is focused on issues that will help bring more visitors, workers and forward-thinking businesses to our state: health care for all, clean-water protection, clean energy and modernized infrastructure, public broadband and net neutrality, workers rights, free two-year college, funding public education, increasing the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana, banning assault weapons, jobs not jails, ending prison for profit, and ending frack-waste dumping in Ohio.

Dennis experienced poverty early in his life, and throughout his career in public service has been keenly aware of how government works and doesn’t work for the people. He is committed to serving the 99 percent.

Dennis is outspoken and accessible to all. He is willing to take on difficult and controversial issues, such as the barely-regulated fracking industry and toxic water pollution from industrial agriculture, both of which continue to degrade family farms and Ohio’s fresh-water resources. Kucinich promises to forcefully defend the rights of farmers and communities from fracking’s harms and to protect fresh water for everyone.

While we may not agree with every statement Kucinich has ever made, we believe he is passionate about Ohio’s well-being. He has met with many citizens from southeast Ohio, has heard our real concerns, and he is seeking the job of governor to bring power back to the people who call this state home. His informed optimism and bold ideas will inspire young people to vote in the November election, so we can make true progress for the next generation of Ohioans.

For a brighter future, please vote for Dennis Kucinich for governor of Ohio in the Democratic Primary on May 8.

• Village Bakery & Catalyst Café, Athens (Christine Hughes and Bob O’Neil, owners)

• Green Edge Gardens & Mushroom Harvest, Amesville (Kip and Becky Rondy, owners)

• Creekside Farm, Athens (Paul Tomcho, owner)

• Bodhi Tree Guest House & Studio, Athens (Elizabeth and Russell Chamberlain, owners)

• Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup, Athens (Laura McManus, owner)

• Shagbark Seed & Mill, Athens (Michelle Ajamian and Brandon Jaeger, owners)

• Victoria Taylor (co-owner Snowville Creamery, Pomeroy)

• Laurel Valley Creamery, Gallipolis (Nick and Celeste Nolan, owners)

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