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Your Letters

To the editor,

Most people who live in the country, surrounded by woods and wildlife, do so because that type of environment appeals to them. They enjoy watching and sharing their space with the many species of wildlife.

Then, there are folks who live on five plus acres in the middle of such peace and beauty who despise one species, in particular.

More than 600 folks on Facebook have weathered the storm of the COVID pandemic by being entertained by the amazingly beautiful Mansfield Road Fox.

A friend from Ohio invited me to join a Facebook group that detailed the fox story and I fell in love with Mama Fox and her beautiful kits. I truly look forward to the beautiful photographs of them.

Then, tragedy struck and they have become endangered!

Sadly, Mama has not been seen for days now.

It would seem likely that the Lynn Gellermann, Jillian Mayberry team has taken her from her many followers and supporters, as well as her remaining kits.

If I thought I could have a reasonable conversation with them, I would travel to Ohio from my home here in Michigan. But, since they do not seem the least bit interested in answering even The Athens NEWS, it would probably be a wasted trip. But, here’s what I’d like to say to them ...

Please consider all your neighbors who love and enjoy the Fox. It’s obviously not just the one family (whom you have had serious altercations with) that want to live in peace with the fox and other wildlife on Mansfield Road.

And, I’d like to propose two possible solutions.:

Think of moving out of the area. Or,

Consider putting up a privacy fence to keep any wildlife out.

With Mr. Gellermann having such lucrative employment, an Associate Dean at Ohio University and Co-Founder of Adena Ventures, LP (where Mayberry is also employed) one would think that a nice privacy fence would be the least expensive route.

But, I’m sure if you need assistance, we could set up a Go Fund Me for the Gellerman Fox Fence.

That might require us to share the fox’s story worldwide. You might be surprised how many people like to help a good cause.

One last thing: we cannot chose our neighbors. But, all one has to do is look people up on the Athens County Municipal Court records system to find out a little background information.

If nothing else, I am hopeful that the screaming of the F-word in the middle of a picturesque day on Mansfield Road will stop.

I pray for the remaining fox kits and for all those who have grown to love them. It’s heart wrenching to watch this all unfold.

And, I pray for those who want the foxes gone and for them to find peace among their neighbors.

Janet Bednarz

Carleton, Michigan

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