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Your Letters

To the editor,

Corrupt House Bill 6 must be rescinded. An FBI investigation has resulted in “Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Larry Householder being charged in a $60 million racketeering conspiracy, involving the state’s billion-dollar nuclear plant bailout.” If the Republican Ohio legislators do not take action to end Larry Householders speakership, they will be his enablers. So, they are working to elect a new speaker. All of HB 6 is draconian:

Allows the dangerous bankrupt nuclear power plants to continue operation.

Subsidizes the coal industry by a grant to an Indiana corporation.

Larry Householder, his henchmen and probably others to be named later were given large bribes.

Charges for this corruption would have started appearing on every electric bill sent to Ohioans beginning in Jan. 2021.

Some Independents and Democrats in districts where the nuclear plants were located foolishly voted for HB 6. Those few workers will be able to get better jobs in the solar and wind energy industries.

The laws and regulations which impede the development of solar and especially wind energy must be changed. One egregious regulation is that electricity put on the grid is credited only one fifth as much, as that the same customer is charged for electricity they use from the grid.


Albert A. Gabel

Professor Emeritus

Ohio State University

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