Your Letters

Your Letters

To the editor,

I’ve been thinking about this since The Athens NWES ran an article back in June of 2019 titled, Running Water’s a Luxury for Some: As in many Appalachian communities, some Nelsonville residents live without running water.

It came up again toward the start of the current pandemic when HAPCAP was running a GoFundMe to pay down the water bills of several Glouster families who were facing shut-off notices just when we were supposed to be getting into a heightened level of vigilance around hand washing. I haven’t paid a water bill in over 10 years, and I don’t think folks should have to when free water comes from the sky.

Installing a rainwater catchment system can reduce or eliminate a household’s dependence on public works for water, and with the proper filtrations systems in place, you can do anything you do with tap water with rainwater instead. I am now ready to work to support a few low income households in setting up rainwater catchment systems for their homes. All installation work will be done in collaboration with the household members by volunteers through Mutual Aid Southeast Ohio. Some of the supplies will be donated by Rain Brothers, LLC of Columbus, OH. If a household does not have the funds to cover any additional supplies that might be needed, we will gather funds through Mutual Aid Southeast Ohio. No proof of income will be required. If you are interested in receiving a rainwater catchment system for your home, please reach out via email to or by call or text to 330-992-9047. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response, as we are all volunteers making time to help as we can.

In Solidarity,

Sarah Fick

Rutland, Ohio

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