To the editor:

I read Mr. Moschell’s letter and felt compelled to write a response. I am a Republican and I believe January 6th was wrong (as do most Republicans if you actually spoke to one). Now that I have addressed your straw man argument concerning January 6th, I would like to quickly address your abortion argument. What right does a person have to kill another in this country? Nowhere in our laws is this right enshrined. Any argument as to why a fetus does not constitute human life could be applied to someone in a coma or sleeping. I agree that abortion should be legal in cases of rape, incest, danger to the mother, and fetal inviability. Outside of these circumstances, who is forcing women to become pregnant what with condoms, birth-control, and abstinence. Let’s call abortion “rights” what they really are. The right to murder another human when that person’s existence inconveniences you. Finally, the assertion that Republicans are attacking voters’ rights is a bigoted view. Bigotry of soft expectations is bigotry. Minorities can indeed obtain licenses, register to vote, and participate in elections. They do not need White Liberal Man to rescue them. This bigotry does not surprise me coming from a pro-death Democrat. Planned Parenthood and so-called abortion “rights” originated from the eugenics movement in order to eliminate “undesirables” (read minorities and those with disabilities). To this day, African American children are killed at much higher rates than Caucasians. A quick google search will confirm the above facts. To Mr. Moschell I ask: Why is the political left so obsessed in taking away life of the innocent? Whose life will be next?

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