Your Letters

Your Letters

To the editor,

The other day I heard two Burmese poets were killed during protests in Burma. One told people she knew, her blood type and defining features before she went to protest. So, they could identify her if she did not make it. As if she knew.

So, I wonder how Kari Gunter-Seymour, our Poet Laureate, feels about this. I feel horrible as a poet myself. For if you hurt one poet you hurt us all. Below is a poem I wrote about the protests in Burma.

“Free Burma”

They come

To protest peacefully

And to speak

Their minds

Though live rounds

Are fired

At their advancing


And though

200 killed

They cannot stay


For if no one

Says a word


Who stole power

Will surely

Get away

Stephen Rounthwaite

Athens, Ohio

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