To the Editor:

I am writing this personal letter of support to endorse Mayor Steve Patterson’s bid for re-election. 

Running a city as diverse as Athens is a complicated task. Multiple issues occur daily that require a mayor to be able to juggle, prioritize and address. It takes a leader with a special talent to be able to manage these multi-faceted, and often competing, day-to-day activities. 

In addition to successfully managing these multiple demands, Mayor Patterson always makes time to advance the issues confronting people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. It would be easy, with so many “critical” activities to juggle, to let the issue of representing people with disabilities in the city move to the back burner. Mayor Patterson does not do this. 

Mayor Patterson represents all the citizens of Athens, including those most vulnerable and at risk. As a mayor, he has demonstrated that he practices inclusion and integration. This commitment to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities is one of the main reasons why I am endorsing Mayor Steve Patterson for re-election. 

Thank you, Mayor Patterson, for your commitment to people with diverse abilities in Athens. 

Kevin Davis

Ohio Avenue


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