To the Editor:

From a life-long germaphobe, some thoughts on the new normal. 

1. It’s time for all public-use touch-screen technology to go; ATMs, self checkout – gone! Bring back tellers and cashiers.

2. All public buildings and businesses should have automatic doors, or doors that swing in and out and can be opened with an elbow or shoulder; no more door knobs or pulls.

3. Buffet-style restaurants. Next time you’re waiting in line for your third helping of green bean casserole, you might want to think about how many people have handled that serving utensil ahead of you: the little kid with the snotty nose, the old guy with the hacking cough, the young dad who just changed his kid’s diaper in the restroom?  Enjoy your green beans. How about paid servers being the only ones to handle the serving utensils?  

I’ll let you know if I have any more ideas. 

Matthew Chester-Griffin 

Woodward Avenue 


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