To the Editor:

An Athens NEWS reader expressed concern that electric cars, particularly the Battery Electric Cars (BEV), are not contributing their fair share to the road tax since hybrids use a reduced amount of gasoline and BEV’s do not use gas at all.

Ohio has passed and implemented a $200 road tax on all BEV’s, and $100 on hybrids since this new year.

Fuel economy for electric cars is expressed in MPGe, This number represents the number of miles the car can travel on electrical energy equivalent to one gallon of gasoline. 

In the case of a 2016 Tesla Model S, the EPA-DOT fuel economy is rated as 103 MPGe. That means the car would have to use 351.49 gallons of gas per year to pay $200 worth of road tax (a tax that’s currently 56.9 cents per gallon). This amount of gas would allow the car to travel 36,203.87 miles. Considering all that, I would say electric vehicles pay their fair share of road tax.

J. Jack Chan, D.O.


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