To the Editor:

The threat to our environment is the largest facing the human race. It is also one of the most difficult, for it is a problem that we cannot directly see happening everyday here at home. To try and combat this, I decided to intern with the non-partisan, grassroots organization Defend Our Future in order to teach fellow millennials about nationwide and local environmental problems that affect them. 

Students at Ohio University need to be aware that natural-gas sites litter their beloved Athens County, and that coal plants line the Ohio River. Since taking charge of the federal EPA in 2017, Administrator Scott Pruitt has rolled back safeguards aimed at ensuring that our air is safe to breathe and our water is clean to drink.

My generation may be the last to truly have a chance of making a change in our world. That is why it’s so important to me to not only get students involved, but to expand their view on what climate change does and how we can mitigate it. I call on you, as students at Ohio University and young people who care about the future of our planet, to contact your senators and ask them to call for the removal of Administrator Pruitt. Young people deserve to know their power: we can make a change. We need Pruitt out of power. 

Grace Garrity

University Terrace


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