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Your Letters

To the editor,

Ok, I’ve had it with the whole “Trump said grab a hoo-ha, let’s hate America” bullcrap!

I’ve put up with the asinine face diaper charade, the businesses closing, the rioting, looting, and burning down innocent business owners’ stores and homes in our major cities, the bars closing at 10 p.m. (Because COVID-19 can’t get you until after 10 p.m., silly).

I’ve dealt with the shortage of everything from ground beef to toilet paper and printers, and so far I’ve managed to just shrug my shoulders and say to myself: “Screw it, Lee, it’s not worth your time.” But NOW they’ve gone too FAR... communists have managed, in 100+ years of making a total failure out of almost everything they do, from toilet paper with wood chips in it to the Yugo, to produce, at least until now, exactly TWO items that are worthwhile, and actually quite GOOD:

1) The AK-47; and 2) The Casa Chimichanga

And NOW, in the infinite wisdom communists are known for, they have decided to quit making chimichangas?

I’m speechless... kill me now, that’s the last straw...

Neal Lee

Albany, Ohio

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