To the editor:

I can’t really blame them, but if they happen to be driving at the same time I am and get behind me on a road with no passing, you can be sure they’ll soon become enraged when I take uphill roads very slowly and only go anywhere near the speed limit when going downhill.

And so they tailgate me to express their anger! To let me know their emotions! I can feel their rage perfectly, and I try to drive over towards the right, on the shoulder a bit, just in case they want to pass me anyway, illegally. Just so’s they can rush up to the next stop sign or traffic light, and I’ll probably be right behind them. So what was the rush, anyway?

I am assuming they are men, and I may be right about that. But I know another way to make men enraged, and that’s to pull out in front of them when they’re nearly in front of me, but I only do that if it looks like my only chance for a long time to get going. After all, I don’t have all day, either! But I can be sure to expect an angry loud honk If I dare pull in front of them, too close, that is. (This sort of male attention is not so desirable.)

And I wonder if they notice that I am driving a Chevy Volt, which has electric power that I am trying to conserve — and it is charged by solar energy, by the way, not coal-powered power plants — so I don’t have to resort to my fossil fuel gas engine, fossil fuel that is seriously the culprit in warming our planet to dangerous levels.

And one of these days we’ll all be driving electric vehicles but they won’t have gas engines like mine does, so they’ll really have to go uphill slowly and let gravity get them near the speed limit or even above it when going downhill. And so maybe they’ll be cured of tailgating people who aren’t going as fast uphill as they want to go, or they might even slow way down themselves when going up a hill so they can save their electric power and go further on their drive before having to recharge their battery..

Maybe by then those men who hate me will understand what I was doing. And not be quite so angry.

Amy Abercrombie

Nelsonville Library Writers’ Group

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