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Your Letters

To the editor,

So much of life has changed because of the pandemic. Many of us have not seen our friends and family in months, and every trip outside the house has become a health risk. My job has also changed significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak started.

I work for a council of governments organization that manages electric aggregation programs for nineteen member communities and not being able to meet in person with our elected representatives and community members have been a burden. We have been forced to communicate with our board and assembly members virtually, which has provided flexibility but has also greatly weakened the service we provide our member communities. There is so much that could be misinterpreted or misunderstood through screens, and if internet connectivity is ever down or otherwise inaccessible in areas we serve, our operations cannot function properly.

I cannot wait for the pandemic to be over, even though the journey toward manageable herd immunity, nationally and globally, is a long way off. I genuinely believe that mass vaccination will get us back to normalcy and save us from a prolonged economic recession; they are also the key to our agency’s potential, as well as my career.

I’m sure many feel the same as I do. There is often talk in Congress about restricting pharmaceutical companies by dictating the price of medications. However, we have seen what pharmaceutical innovation can do – provide solutions to end a pandemic. If we implement price-setting policies without a national strategy, who knows what cure, or improvements to domestic healthcare, will be sacrificed? Congress should let these companies find the next cure and treatment by creating a single-payer marketplace that supports and provides incentives for high-quality results and deployment in public health.

Americans feel secure knowing they have non-restrictive access to be part of the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic – getting vaccinated, regardless of individual healthcare coverage. Without the credit and authority of the federal government to secure this marketplace through vaccination assurance, we would not be as close to ending this pandemic. With this type of assurance, pharmaceutical companies can compete to provide the best solutions, through innovation, to meet the need.

Assurance that everyone’s health is a national priority and just not for sale based on your personal risk to insurers is working well. Federal leaders should learn from this pandemic.

Mat Roberts

The Plains, Ohio

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