To the Editor:

I remember while growing up, when grandpa got older, my mom had to take off work and spend a lot of time looking after him. She made sure he took his medication that day, cooked him meals, made sure he locked his doors at night. Unfortunately, there are senior citizens in Athens County who don’t have this support network, or if they do, their families just need a little help making sure Mom or Dad got enough to eat that day and are doing OK.

Meals on Wheels in Athens County is truly a blessing for so many low-income and home-bound seniors. Help make sure Meals on Wheels continues to run in Athens County and please vote FOR Issue 21 this November.

Issue 21, the senior services levy, is a renewal of the existing 0.25 mill property tax levy that supports Meals on Wheels. This five-year levy will help provide over 157,000 meals to vulnerable senior citizens across Athens County. If you are wondering what this service already costs you, it’s only $7.88 a year for every $100,000 of home value. For less than the price of eating out once a year, we can continue to help ensure that senior citizens living in Athens County have access to Meals on Wheels and all the benefits this program provides, by voting for Issue 21. 

Up to five meals a week, up to three wellness/safety checks a week, pet food and supplies for companion pets, enrollment assistance for emergency food and utility bill assistance, and the list goes on. Issue 21 is not a new tax and it’s not a tax increase. It’s maintaining the critical services already being provided to home-bound and low-income seniors in Athens County.

Help support our seniors by voting FOR Issue 21 this November!

David Keller

Central Avenue


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