To the Editor:

We are incredibly fortunate and grateful to live in a place guided by a mayor who cares deeply about the city he governs. 

When one is considering candidates for office, it is important to look at proven track records of leadership and success. Mayor Steve Patterson has increased the visibility of Athens by building and cultivating nonpartisan partnerships at the local, state and national levels. Mayor Patterson has gained us a national voice through his leadership with the National League of Cities.

Sensitive to the financial needs and sustainability demands of Athens residents, Mayor Patterson has leveraged his leadership with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) to keep energy costs lower while promoting sustainable energy practices and programs in Athens.

Locally, Mayor Patterson supports small business, infrastructure improvements to make our city safer and more efficient, and encourages development that brings jobs and financial support to the community. Any given day, we see Mayor Patterson uptown connecting with residents, supporting local businesses, cleaning graffiti, or pulling weeds from sidewalks. He truly models the commitment to our city that we should all strive for as engaged citizens.

Is there more that needs to be done for Athens and its residents? Sure. But Mayor Patterson is not only acutely aware of this, his sleeves are rolled up, his nose is to the grindstone, and he is ready to continue to the hard work on the important issues we face as a community. With his track record of proven success and his commitment to hard work and consensus building, he has earned another term to continue moving the city of Athens forward.

We are honored to support Mayor Steve Patterson for re-election. When you visit the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5, please join us in voting to re-elect Mayor Patterson!

Robert and Jennifer Foehl

Coventry Lane


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