To the Editor:

Hello, my name is Matthew Brent. I am a musician with a disability who recently relocated to Athens. Five months ago the communal farm where I was living went belly up, and my best option was to come back to this area. I am in financial trouble. I had to sell some of my music equipment in order to move back up here. I use this equipment to give music lessons, and having a disability, this has been my only source of income. 

I live in a house with barely any room for my things and am trying to find a way to replace some equipment for teaching applications and performance scenarios. I work with the Gathering Place, teaching people who wish to learn guitar or bass, and will be doing some performances next year for the Community Illumination that the GP is hosting.

Some equipment was stolen from the Gathering Place, and I am trying to get that replaced by having fundraisers.

Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Matthew Brent

North Congress Street


Editor’s note: A benefit for Matthew Brent is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 16, at Donkey Coffee. It will feature Mark Burhans & Bill Rawlins, Ready Aim Flowers (formerly The Larger Sound), Jeanie and the Dreamers, and a special appearance by Brent. The event starts at 8 p.m.

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