To the Editor: 

Having trouble with getting along during stay-at-home Covid-19 times? ​ 

Athens Area Mediation Service (AAMS) is offering ON-LINE MEDIATION (in the absence of any safe face-to-face time) to anyone having conflict/disputes they need assistance with working through during the COVID-19 emergency. When communication gets tough and conflict arises, AAMS  mediators listen and assist people  in resolving disputes by creating a safe, confidential conversation session of honest listening and dialogue.

A session can be set up for families or organizations or between couples, co-workers or friends. As well as healing disputes, mediated sessions help in preventing future conflicts from occurring.  

Athens Area Mediation Service is committed to providing our community with conflict resolution on a sliding scale according to income, as well as without cost for those not able to afford our service. Contact us:

Trisha Lachman

Mediation Coordinator

Athens Area Mediation Service

396 Richland Ave. Athens, OH 45701

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