To the Editor:

My name is Brianna McElrath, the current Black Student Union president at Ohio University. As is probably the case at other colleges, many off-campus students are struggling right now. Specifically, the apartment complex that I live in, lived in, is not offering any support for students at this time regarding our rent. 

We are asking them to allow us to break our lease due to this extreme circumstance.

The apartment is expecting us to continue to pay rent when we are now living in other parts of Ohio through no fault of our own, when we would have loved nothing more than to continue living in the apartment. Many of the students did not have jobs when we were sent home and are now scrambling to find work.

They told us there are no options, and everything will continue as before. This is adding to the already stressful time of having to move out so abruptly. I hope that everyone remains safe and healthy.

Brianna McElrath

Warrensville, Ohio

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