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Your Letters

To the editor,

This is not going to be an easy letter to write but even people that have never met me personally but are connected to me only through Facebook know me well enough to know that once I have decided to do something I am damn well going to do it.

So here goes.

Almost 200,000 Americans, one of which was a cousin of mine, have died because of COVID-19. That is one fifth of a million, not a small or insignificant number. 200,000

Last week we heard via a tape recording President Trump say that the coronavirus was deadly, that it was it was transmitted through the air, that it was five times as deadly as any flu. The tape was made on Feb. 7. The beginning of February. That is the most important fact in this letter. The first American death from coronavirus was at the end of February.

Had President Trump used his knowledge of the severity of this disease to prepare the nation for the onslaught of the disease, many of those deaths could have been avoided. We would not seven months later still be suffering from the effects of this disease, the aftereffects of this disease and still be losing over a thousand American lives a day.

But he did not warn the nation. He did the opposite. By concealing that knowledge and trying to convince Americans that the virus was not severe, a “hoax,” and encouraging people to ignore the advice of the experts he is responsible for the death of most of those 200,000 Americans.

It is a well known fact that I do not like President Trump. I disagree with most of his policies and actions. I do not think he should be president. That’s politics. That is something we amicably disagree about. In fact, I rather enjoy “arguing” with some of you about it. The avoidable death of 200,000 Americans is not politics! It is not something I enjoy arguing about. Right now my stomach is tied in knots just thinking about it.

So to end this letter I want you to seriously contemplate what I have written in it. IF you can still say you support President Trump I want you to unfriend me on social media, remove me from you phone contact list, do whatever it takes to remove me from your life.

IF you can still support President Trump that means you condone his actions that led to 200,000 avoidable American deaths and I choose to not know you. I morally cannot know you. It doesn’t matter if you are a casual Facebook friend, a friend in real life or actually a blood relative — I no longer want to see or hear any positivity about Donald J. Trump. I am totally serious about this so please, take the easy way out and go.

Make sure you and all of your friends and neighbors are registered to vote and by whatever method you choose, mail-in, early, in-person, vote!

Wally Carpenter

Athens, Ohio

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