To the Editor:

Many thanks and cheers to The Athens NEWS and reporter Kayla Beard for the great articles on food insecurity in your edition of May 13.

Imagine my surprise to learn that my little pickup and I had carried nearly 4,800 pounds of donated food during 2018!! It never seems that much but numbers add up I guess.

To add to the story, it is important that we cheer our local farmers and producers for their hard work in growing and making the good food that is distributed by CFI and Donation Station. These men and women work daily to make our food available, and they don't get as much praise as they should! Without them, we wouldn't be able to help those who are dealing with food insecurity every day.

Many of those farmers, like myself, are members of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. OEFFA is dedicated to regenerative agriculture and sustainability. Since 1979, OEFFA has been the regional certification organization for organic farming. Solutions to food insecurity are an essential part of OEFFA’s mission. “Conventional” (extractive/degenerative) farming by agribusiness has contributed not only to environmental degradation, but also to the impoverishment of rural communities, the elimination of small and mid-sized farms, and the increase in unhealthy processed foods in the American diet. By contrast, regenerative agricultural practices that help farm families to prosper and make healthy food accessible to all community members are what OEFFA members strive for. We’d love your help in building this movement with the Southeast chapter of OEFFA.

I encourage anyone interested in learning more about the local chapter and the state organization to check Facebook and the internet for information... We like new folks to get involved!

More kudos and thanks to The Athens NEWS and Kayla Beard for their good work in featuring the work that needs to be done and is being done.

Mike Kubisek

Lottridge Road


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