To the editor:

I, for one, am tired of being part of a MAJORITY that is consistently blocked by a MINORITY. I am particularly upset that majority-supported beliefs on voting rights can be squelched by only 41 Senate votes. Pew Research results show that at least 59% of Americans (Republicans and Democrats combined) want voting to be made easier. The For the People Act would have allowed the discussion to begin on ways to broaden voting rights. Note this well: The vote in June was meant to open the discussion on the For the People Act; it was not a vote on whether or not to put a new law in place.

The filibuster puts the kibosh on even a discussion, let alone on law-making.

The filibuster is arcane and archaic. It allows a minority to dictate to a majority. And for those Dems who are afraid that without the filibuster, Republicans can run rough-shod over Democrats, remember that even WITH the filibuster in place, Republicans “stole” two nominations for Supreme Court Justices from Democrats. You can’t get more unfair than that.

Kill the filibuster; make voting fairer and more accessible; DO IT NOW.

Stephanie Kight

The Plains, Ohio

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