Your Letters

Your Letters

To the editor,

I got the second shot last week, and now I’m fully vaccinated.

I made the appointment through the Health Department’s website, which was pretty simple and smooth, and got the shots at Heritage College of Medicine on West Union Street. The massive vaccination site was operated in a very organized way and I felt comfortable all the time there.

In my country, Japan, vaccination is way behind than the U.S. My parents, over 70, haven’t heard anything about scheduling from their local government yet. Also, we’re hearing news coverage about vaccine inequality in the world, which, as some news sources point out, eventually could cause a problem that vaccination wouldn’t be able to catch up with the spread of variants, and it wouldn’t be beneficial even from a self-interest perspective.

I am lucky. Because I live in the U.S, I was able to get vaccinated early. As a sign of appreciation, and I was kind of inspired by Miss Greta Thunberg who donated 100,000 Euros (US$ 120,000) to WHO Foundation in support of COVAX, I made a small donation to the foundation.

Yukino Tsukiyama

Athens, Ohio

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