Your Letters

Your Letters

To the editor,

In March 2015, John Glazer hired me as an Executive in Residence at TechGROWTH Ohio. I quickly discovered the truth in what I had felt about the man during my interview a few months earlier: John was dedicated and committed to economic development in SouthEast Ohio. Along with the phenomenal Faith Knutsen, John built a team of caring and genuine executives who drove the hills and valleys of routes 30, 50, and 13, meeting inventors and entrepreneurs, encouraging perseverance and commitment.

Always putting family and personal matters first, John built the organization in the more than 15 years that he led it, and created a powerhouse of goodwill. In later years, as higher management made a series of unfortunate decisions moving the organization away from its core mission of economic development, John joined Faith in founding the Social Enterprise Ecosystem, an organization focused on helping non-profit ventures, and continued his tireless, almost evangelical, mission of serving others.

John was the captain of servant leaders. John was the lighthouse atop the hills of Athens. John was father, brother, and partner to every entrepreneur in SouthEast Ohio and beyond. I send my eternal love to him, and will forever be grateful to have had the privilege to live by his side for a few short years.

Michele Migliuolo, Ph.D.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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