To the editor:

I, along with millions of Americans, sat horrified watching events unfold at the US Capitol on Jan 6, 2021 on live TV. In the following days I saw countless politicians deride those events, again on live TV. I saw the leaders of the House and Senate, both Republican and Democrat, denounce the actions of that day and lay the blame on the President of the United States. Again on live TV. I know what I saw. I saw the Capitol overrun by an angry mob and a capitol police force unprepared for such an action.

The U.S. House passed a bill creating an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate and determine exactly what happened that day and recommend steps to prevent similar actions in the future. The U.S. Senate defeated the measure. The American people deserve to have the truth of that day publicly investigated without political interference.

The Speaker of the House has created a nonpartisan committee to do just that. Today the House Minority leader named the Republican members of that committee. One of those choices was Rep Jim Jordan, a person who for the last 4 years has been at the beck and call of Donald Trump. Jim Jordan has made a mockery out of most of the committee hearings he has been a part of the last 4 years and will certainly attempt to do that with this committee. He must not be allowed to be a member of the select committee. The American people , and the world for that matter, deserve a thorough investigation into Jan 6 not a circus sideshow directed by the person possibly being investigated.

Wally Carpenter


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