To the Editor:

As the Nov. 5 General Election gets closer and closer, I want to encourage folks to consider all the candidates for mayor and City Council. As someone who went to undergrad and graduate school at OU, I’ve seen first-hand the effects of landlords taking advantage of Athens residents and students with substandard living conditions, slow responses to maintenance issues, and the theft of tenants’ deposits. 

To be clear, there are many responsible landlords who take pride in their properties and treat their tenants with dignity, fairness and respect. However, most Athens residents would probably agree that a few large rental property owners prioritize maximizing profits over providing quality and code-compliant housing for students and residents alike. 

We need independent voices on council who are politically willing to address this issue, Damon Krane, Ellie Hamrick and Patrick McGee have a long track record of standing up for regular people, and I hope folks take some time to consider these candidates and those on council who are creating a Athens that represent working families’ interests.

Will Klatt

East Lakeview Avenue


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