To the Editor:

I was friends with Tad Albano for many years.  He was a beautiful person who touched my life in ways that few people do. When I learned he’d been struck by a car and taken to Grant Medical Center, my heart hurt so badly for him and his family. It made me sick inside as the story of this tragedy unfolded.

How could a person run over another person and not bother to stop? Where was the empathy? Where was the compassion? Where was the humanity?  Obviously, it was more important to John Rohr of the Akron area to escape having to own his horrible, horrible mistake than to take responsibility for it, regardless of the painful consequences for Tad and Tad’s family and friends.

When I read in the June 20 Athens NEWS, “Rohr’s defense counsel… will request Rohr be placed on five years of community-control probation without prison time,” I didn’t even know how to process it, and still don’t. Like I said, where was the empathy, the compassion, the humanity? Losing a measly few years of your freedom is not a big deal when you compare it to having stolen an innocent person’s life.

Shannon Grogan


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