To the Editor:

The Ukraine controversy may well have greater repercussions for Joe Biden than for Trump. I doubt if Biden would have allowed his son to piggyback on his coattails if he expected to one day run for the presidency. His calculation likely was that his public service would come to an end with the election of Hillary Clinton, and that his only opportunity to benefit his son was to let him get access to two countries within his portfolio (Ukraine and China), which have added considerably to his son’s wealth.

Now, of course, it has the effect of putting him into the crosshairs given that he basically called for a quid pro quo of the Ukrainians that they had to fire the prosecutor looking into the gas company that was paying his son big dollars monthly or he would withhold aid promised them from the United States. One liberal commentator referred to the matter as “swampy.”

Making matters worse, Biden has told the press that he has never discussed his son’s overseas business dealing with him.

Democrats and the left-leaning media already are circling the wagons trying to whitewash these dealings as having been blessed by official Washington. The problem is that this will be seen as giving Joe one last opportunity to enrich his boy before leaving office, which is likely what it was given that Hillary was the likely winner of the presidency in 2016.

Biden and his son, who are both attorneys, knew better given that they both had a duty to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the dealings. It never should have happened.

John Keifer

Copeland Hall


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