To the Editor:

A rumor has been circulated that Pallini Industries is closing. A competitor is going to our customers and stating that we are closing and presenting themselves as a new option. We are closing our location on Rock Riffle Road in Athens in order to consolidate our operation.

As with many small businesses, Internet sales and large venues have adversely affected our walk-in trade. We have been in business since the 1920s with several changes in emphasis. However, the industrial gas business always has been a part of our operation.

Our location at 6395 Baker Road (a short drive west of Radford Road, Athens) is our steel-fabricating plant. After moving our Rock Riffle store to this location later this fall, we will be open earlier, Joe Pallini will be available for welding expertise, turn-around time for fire extinguishers will be improved, and we will add the sale of steel.

I often send customers to our competitors if I do not have something in stock, and I feel no adversity toward local vendors. I hope I can be given the same courtesy.

While we’re not moving the store until Nov. 1, our mailing address is now 6395 Baker Road, Athens.

Doreen Pallini

Baker Road


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